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We can do this

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This past week a new acquaintance on social media posted that it was her birthday, and that the past year has, frankly, sucked. But she wrote with hope for her next year, with cautious optimism, and for that I’m glad.

But I couldn’t quit thinking about her post. I recognized myself in her words. My own wounds, my own determination, my own hope that–please God–let the future be better. 

So, after a few days, I took a chance, invaded her personal space, and wrote to her. 

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We don’t know one another, I wrote, but I could relate to your thoughts. The past few years—several years, if I’m honest— have seen my life turned upside down, often by circumstances over which I had little-to-no control.

There are certainly blessings in my life, but my heart is too often heavy. Yet this is life, it is reality.

I am frequently reduced to reminding myself that the only choice I have is to make the most of my choices. And that’s where my hope lies.

So this little message is only to tell you that I hear you. I don’t know your personal circumstances, but I think I understand both the pain and the resolve I read into your words.

Woman to woman, I want to tell you that you’ve got this. I believe in you. I believe in all of us. We can do this.

women confidence Image by Wendy Pitts Reeves from Pixabay

I won’t be trite. Many of us have some serious s*%$ going on in our lives. It’s exhausting.

And when someone tells us to keep smiling, to count our blessings, it simply doesn’t help. Even though we know those words are well-intended.

Sometimes what we need most, is for someone to say, yes, this sucks. It’s hard. And you’re a bad-a$$ simply because you’re still standing. 

So, my friend, woman to woman, I want to tell you that you’ve got this. I believe in you. I believe in all of us. We can do this.


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